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ACB 空氣斷路器
600 V 630 A ~ 6000A

本公司產品是由韓國五星機電株式會社所製之低壓空氣斷路器:SB - 616 ( 440V 1600A 65kA )、SB - 620 ( 440V 2000A 50kA )、SB - 632 ( 440V 3200A 65kA )、SB - 650 ( 440V 5000A 65kA )等四型,經依 IEC 標準審查定型試驗報告資料符合規定。

o-sung display


block Ammeter Digital Display
The primary current of breaker is measured as 0.3 second sampling. Each phase current is displayed sequentially for 2 second and relevant phase is indicated by indication lamp of R.S.T.
High bright & high accuracy digital type 3-ph ammeter.
block Overcurrent Relay
Overcurrent is monitored and protected with characteristics of long-time delay, short-time delay and instantaneous settings.
Overcurrent Relay is fitted with digital type one-chip micro processor. Pick-up current and time delay are set by simple bar-type connector. Self-diagnosis function is provided for highly reliable performance. The cause of tripping can be easily identified
block Ground Relay
Ground fault is detected by using of internal CT or eaernal ZCT.
Off function is provided.
block Overvoltage Relay & Undervoltage Ralay
Ovevoltage and undervoltage is protected.
Self-test function is provided. Time delay setting of max 2 seconds can be possible. When voltage reaches 85 ~ 105% of rated voltage, Relay will be restored.

block Characteristics



block Neutral Pont Method

When transfer is accompanied by uninterruptted power to the load, it is recommended to transfer after checking circuit stability rather instant transferring in case of power failure or reatoration . In order to meet these requirments, positioning at netral point (off-position) can be set by tripping mechanism as follows. A=>off=>B,B=>off=>A,and A=>off=>A,B=>off=>B and also ,instantaneous transfer can be performed by operating signal.


block One-Coil Application

One-coil is employed for the transfer of normal power source and emergency power source.

block Compact & Lightweight Design

Compact &lightweight design makes the mounting space minimized and the installation easier.

block Excellent Breaking Capacity

It is designed for large arc-extinguishing chamber sufficient enough to interrupt large amount of arcing current. Arc-extinguishing contacts are designed for easier inspection and maintenance.

block Superior Contacting Capacity

The contacting mechanism is designed to ensure steady and stable contacting performance against any abonormal or excessive current.

block Construction for Safety

For safe operation, molded construction is employed on breaking parts. And also, Latching indicator is prepares to indicate the latching condition.



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